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Проверьте информацию об ограничениях на поездки. Могут быть разрешены только поездки с определенной целью, в частности путешествия с целью туризма могут быть запрещены. Чтобы увидеть актуальные цены и спецпредложения, укажите даты. Выбрать даты.

Домодедово дубай цена квартиры в германии

Домодедово дубай


Почти одно домик в греции что

Какие нужные купить квартиру в осло это

RL Рейс отменен. В пути. LX Мобильная верcия. Правила пользования аэровокзальным комплексом. Юридическая информация о товарных знаках. Применяемые обозначения, являющиеся товарными знаками, охраняются на территории Российской Федерации, неправомерное использование товарных знаков влечет административную или уголовную ответственность: статья S7 QR ПрибылВыдача багажа окончена Прибыл Выдача багажа окончена. S7 EY B2 S7 S7 S7 LY S7 SQ Ожидается в Ожидается в Прибыл Прибыл.

LY S7 ПрибылВыдача багажа на ленте 10 Прибыл Выдача багажа на ленте S7 EY ПрибылВыдача багажа заканчивается Прибыл Выдача багажа заканчивается. S7 EK Рейс отменен Рейс отменен. Приземлился Приземлился. S7 KC EK В пути В пути. Плюсы: "Все отлично, но на дневном рейсе А, не совсем комфортно.

Старые экраны. USB зарядка очень слабая. Плюсы: "Qatar airways is the best airlines and they serve you like a 5 stars hotel" Минусы: "The problem is when they linked a flights frome other airlines companies. Плюсы: "Seats were comfortable, entertainment system was might better without of options.

Gave meat plate to my cousin who is a strict vegetarian with food restrictions who had pre selected a vegetarian option. Плюсы: "Food was better than expected. Entertainment as good as any major airlines. Planes were new and modern. Seat had a problem reclining. They gave me window seats except Moscow to Doha leg". Плюсы: "Meeting me at the gate of the previous flight Driving me to the next gate all in a very hospitable atmosphere.

Free sleeping pajamas Full food menu around the clock bed making service attention to detalis friendly air crew. Плюсы: "Staff was excellent" Минусы: "More selection or choices like international food not like focus on Indian food".

Плюсы: "They make you feel welcome like you are a big deal unlike most US airlines. Ticamporn was a great hostess especially. Food was great as well. Плюсы: "The food on foreign airlines is so much better than on american airlines they even offer something in economy class on short local flights. Плюсы: "Food was great, seats were comfortable, in flight entertainment was awesome, flight crew was friendly" Минусы: "baggage process could have been better, i was made to remove stuff just because was lbs overweight in my baggage.

Never had this issue with other airlines especially when its only matter of lbs. Плюсы: "food" Минусы: "Worst customer service ever seen in my 15years of flying experience. How can such a reputed airline have no tools to calculate the pay? Other airlines offered one-way for half of the price i paid. On top of it, online helpdek promised front line seat to satisfy me but nothing was offered even if i ask explicitly.

Simply declined saying i am not in priority list. Why do they make false promises? Плюсы: "Overall it was a nice flight however some areas need some attention. Boarding gates were very crowded and there was no crowd management in the small area. Secondly, the food was not at all upto the mark. Плюсы: "The crew was excellent. It was delayed 1. The entertainment system had its fault, as it was difficult to navigate between screens.

The seats were uncomfortable and not enough room for such a long flight. The kids were extremely uncomfortable on this flight, as many were crying throughout the journey. Плюсы: "Left on time. Great pilot and crew - very concerned about our welfare.

Quick flight. Nice aircraft. Плюсы: "The crew was very friendly and everything else was very good and comfortable on the flight. We got to the gate too early by maybe 10 mins before boarding time so we were told to sit outside of the designated seating area and that they would make an announcement when we should go back up there. There was never an announcement, but we felt it was getting late so we went to check at the desk and they then said we were late and they were waiting on us.

They were very nice about everything, but just thought that was really strange. Плюсы: "The flight was short but the plane was well maintained and the crew was accommodating. Минусы: "Realised that for short flights they do not supply headsets. Плюсы: "Очень хорошая команда, вкусно кормят, много поят, обновили кресла на борту - сидеть стало приятнее" Минусы: "Второй рацион очень скудный - всего пирожок и маффин. К остальному нареканий нет. Плюсы: "Питание, напитки, развлекательная система, сервис.

При бронировании выбирали одни места, при регистрации они были смещены : ". Плюсы: "Как всегда - в катерах нравится все. Да ещё и народу человек на рейсе. Второй рацион питания только маленький пирожочек. Плюсы: "The crew were excellent" Минусы: "The plane was too small and lots of turbulence". Плюсы: "the comfort of the flight was very good. Плюсы: "The entertainment and food was great. The service as well. They are very attentive to any request.

We would use Qatar again". Плюсы: "Crew was very courteous and attentive" Минусы: "More fruits and green non-starchy vegetables". Плюсы: "Never got on the plane due to weather restrictions in the connecting flight prior to this flight.

Called SWISS customer service on a Russian line, were told to get a paper from another Russian airport that no flights were leaving the city. Did that. Плюсы: "Nice folks" Минусы: "Economy is not very comfortable and still expensive. Espescially when the person in front lowers their seat. Плюсы: "crew was friendly" Минусы: "seats were way too cramped - worst flight ever that way - what has happened to Swiss - there is no room - horrible!!!

Плюсы: "Crew was great! Food was actually very good! However seats are very tight in the economy class Ok for a few hours of flying but not for an 11 hour flight!!! Плюсы: "I do not know how to go about contesting his, but we bought 4 tickets to South Africa on Swiss air and Edelweiss via Zurich. We received a confirmation email for two of the tickets but not for the other two so we assumed the other ones did not go through as we used two different credit cards.

We would like to be reimbursed for the two tickets we did not receive the confirmation emails for. How can we go about it? Минусы: "Legspace in economy class was probably good back in , but in not acceptable anymore". Плюсы: "Great services and the staffs. Плюсы: "Flights attendant proficinal , food was great , first time experience ice cream on airplane served. Seats are comfy and wide , much space between seats compare with other airlines.

Плюсы: "The service and the crew were fine" Минусы: "Seats are too small and terribly uncomfortable on such long flights. Плюсы: "Everything! The cleanest aircraft I have ever been on, excellent crew, amazing breakfast! Плюсы: "Staff and flight was really great. Everything went smoothly and on schedule. The plane was clean. So small and cramped.

Seat in front of me was in my lap. Hard to get out of seat to use restroom. Way to tight. Long flight from Boston to Zurich was so hard to bear. I understand making money Плюсы: "Comfortable flight. The crew was very nice and amenities were fine. I had to wait in line forever to file a report.

Luckily it was sent to my hotel later that evening. Плюсы: "The staff was courteous and effective. The pilots made up time after waiting for a few connecting passengers. Плюсы: "I bought 2 tikets from Chicago to oscow and back for me and for my son. I am shoked!!! Плюсы: "I am a frequent flyer with swiss airline. Amazing crew, boarding, taking off and landing is on time if not a little earlier. However, I was quite disappointed with the enertainment package and food.

Плюсы: "Swiss Air is very nice, planes are clean, snacks on board were fantastic! For this reason, I would not fly Swiss Air. My fancy sandwich was not worth CHF Плюсы: "Everything is great when flying Swiss. From online checkin to boarding and throughout the flight. Thumbs up to Swiss.

Simply a delight. Минусы: "Very late gate change during boarding process resulting in untimely departure. Плюсы: "Selection of movies was good. Минусы: "Very rough landing. They dropped plane 5 or 6 times minutes before landing almost puked my guts out". Several times, standing passengers fell on the sitting ines. When at the end of the flight, the issue was pointed out to the captain and supervising flight attendant, both became aggressively defensive to the point of being rude.

Плюсы: "Nothing" Минусы: "I was chrgwd to check in the only bag. Yhis is unheard of on intl flights". Плюсы: "Everything. It got a little cold. Плюсы: "I liked the service, the food, the entertainement, the super kind personel, would only fly with them : Thank you! Минусы: "Have to take a bus to the plane for boarding. Terrible cold sandwich wrapped in a partly open loose paper bag wrap.

Short flight I realize, but that was bad, especially in business class. Плюсы: "Boarding and cabin crew were excellent. Плюсы: "Registration and baggage check was fine, no line to wait im. The flight was moderately full. Good food and beverage service although Lufthasa is a bit better. Плюсы: "The veggie food option was delicious. The calzone for breakfast was miserable. The restrooms were kept clean and well-stocked. Flight delay to wait for incoming passengers resulted in others missing their connections in SF.

Плюсы: "Flight attendants were polite and very nice. My whole schedule was messed up as i had to fly through Chicago. My luggage was lost and i only received it 2 days later. Will file the complaint. Минусы: "No plugs for USB chargers in economy.

Entertainment units were broken. Минусы: "Delayed 4 hours at airport with no explanation why and little compensation for the experience. Плюсы: "That I was going to Florence. The seats were so narrow, there was absolutely no legroom, and when the seat in front of me was reclined I had even less space. For an overnight flight, it was ridiculous.

The planes for the short one hour trip from Zurich to Florence were more comfortable. The food was tasteless and very artificial in its appearance and taste. Плюсы: "Great food and sevice" Минусы: "Hard to sleep on the plane. Way too expensive to take a guitar as either checked luggage or carry on. Плюсы: "The airplane was pretty new with decent space. This delay did not get recuperated during the flight. The connecting flight did not wait for about 20 passengers.

We had to spend a night in Zurich. Плюсы: "Crew brilliant but seat very tight" Минусы: "Boarding procedure slow and hectic". Плюсы: "Everything is well organized, crew members were great. It is SLOW! Boeng did Moscow-Houston flight in 10 hours, but this A flew from Frankfurt to Atlanta in the same time.

Shelves for baggage are small - it is not enough room for all passenger bags. Entertainment can be better. Or just do not serve it et al. If I could I would not buy it. Плюсы: "Flight was delayed, but the crew did all they can to make passengers feel comfortable.

Плюсы: "I just loved the friendliness of the crew. Way to go Lufthansa" Минусы: "Not sure about the seats but they could use some cushion. Плюсы: "Lufthansa как всегда на высоте, вежливый персонал как при регистрации и посадке, так и в самом самолете. Прекрасное питание, подарки детям при посадке в самолет. Плюсы: "Nice crew" Минусы: "Not enough space to store at feet. Food was terrible - hot pockets - disgusting.

Mystery beef stroganoff. Rude passengers pushing seats all the way back. Плюсы: "Nicest guy at the check- in in Moscow OK boarding" Минусы: "Apart from the fact that this flight never goes to the gate and its always a bus that gets you there? This time they decided to check our passports and since we are not at the gate like normal people it has to be on the plane So you can imagine how slow it went I had a connecting flight Luckily this time customs check up was very quiet".

Плюсы: "Really? Not to mention that I have paid extra for choosing my sit and ended up sitting in the back in the worst sit with least possible legroom Thank you Lufthansa". Минусы: "всегда раздражает процедура посадки, потому что невоспитанные люди лезут вперед В этот раз сотрудники попытались немного распределить пассажиров перед посадкой, чтобы был порядок За что им огромная благодарность. Наверно же есть какая то система типа раздельных очередей под плакатами с названиями рядов или еще что то..

Или посадка по очереди с кона самолета. Сами представляете, что это - зависнуть в проходе в ожидании нерасторопного пассажира, который не спеша запихивает багаж и достает свои вещи - все стоят, ждут пока он усядется А вообще спасибо: летать, как правило приятно А! Франкфурт- Москва не очень приятно стюардессы , в отличие от Орландо-Франкфурт , прям не очень. Минусы: "Business class - not enough Space for legs. Took hand lagage during boarding for check in , because of the weight.

Rules are Rules, but for business class can give some tolerance. Near to my seat two suitcases were put on the floor Минусы: "Food quality on Detroit - Frankfurt could have been better. About Frankfurt airport: the security check between gates - for going to gate for connecting flight was in-efficient.

A single agent working while multiple other agents idle nearby. Flight was empty, so there was space to stretch out. Such a lovely crew" Минусы: "Moscow passengers were awful as always. Минусы: "К сожалению, оба раза, когда самолет вылетал из Франкфурта. Плюсы: "Nothing" Минусы: "Horrible experience. Stranded for 3 hours inside stationary flight, 4 hours in a long queue. Very very poorly managed. I slept on a chair in the cold weather. Atleast make arrangements for bad situations, apparently I was booked on another flight but they made me stand in a 4 hour long queue to find that out.

Kiosk outside showed I was put in no flight. Плюсы: "Хороший сервис во время полета" Минусы: "Плохая организация регистрации на рейс и это при электронной регистрации. Хамство сотрудников в аэропорту Денвера. Потеря багажа. Задержка вылета на 3 часа".

Плюсы: "Обслуживание в самолете - хорошее. Профессиональные стюарды. Все время улыбаются, доброжелательно отвечают на все вопросы. Питание в 10 часовом рейсе было замечательным. Еда была вкусной. Пилоты тоже очень профессиональные рейс прошел без толчков. Спать было комфортно. Никаких очередей в туалет не было. В самолете все было замечательно. На регистрацию в аэропорт Денвера мы приехали за три часа. На паспортный контроль попали за 30 минут!!!!

Очередь огромная, сотрудники бегают от стойки к стойке. Разговаривают очень грубо, что само по себе для Америки непривычно. Одного пассажира обслуживают в среднем 20 минут!!! То забирают багаж, то возвращают багаж - отвлекаются на возврат сразу все. Рейс задержали на полтора часа. Об этом мы узнали на стойке регистрации. На стыковочный рейс мы опоздали, поэтому попросили сотрудников сразу определить наши дальнейшие действия.

Парень на стойке очень в грубой форме сказал - прилетите в Мюнхен, там подойдете в сервис. Когда прилетели в Мюнхен оказалось, что сервис не работает. Бегали по всему аэропорту. Потом подождали на одном из рейсов Люфтганзы не закончилась регистрация. Попросили сотрудника по английски не говорит, только по немецки!!!! Она с кем-то созвонилась нас отправили на другой рейс в другой терминал на поезде и автобусе Просили ведь сопровождение в Денвере- нам грубо отказали.

В итоге багаж - потеряли. Отправили во Франкфурт вместо Москвы!!! Багаж ждали три дня. We were almost 2 hours late to Dubai. I was irritated to say the least. Плюсы: "Every thing except food. Could be better" Минусы: "B". Плюсы: "Вкусно кормили. Медленное обслуживание, трудно попасть в единственный туалет в конце самолёта.

Плюсы: "В целом все очень понравилось. They should. Ompensate for my parking and extra food for the person picking us up they had to wait met than 3 hrs!!! At one point she rushed along the aisle to the front of the plain, bumping and hurting my shoulder, but did not bother to apologize. In front of me, was a mother with a child with special needs. The mother had to stand up for some time to have the child curl up and lie in a comfortable position - the attendant rudely commanded her to sit down and strap the child to the seat, instead of finding out how they could help.

She could have achieved it with a better attitude and choice of words. The crew did not bother beyond the bare minimum - it was painful to observe. Плюсы: "Good plane" Минусы: "No entertainment on board of the aircraft". Плюсы: "Clean plane, decent entertainment options" Минусы: "food was way below the usual Lufthansa standard had a 1. Плюсы: "Excellent service. Everybody from the crew up had smile. Very good atmosphere. Плюсы: "The crew was friendly.

I did not need to wait in line too much for use of restroom. The flight was on time. Плюсы: "Moscow to Munich then Paris were good flights. When weather in Munich delayed our return take-off from Paris, the crew did their best to communicate. Upon arrival a Luft employee was at the gate to escort 11 of us to our connecting flight to Moscow. She took us to a special window for passport check, then our own train car to the other terminal.

Other airlines leave one to navigate alone. Thankyou Lufthansa. All was good for these well seasoned travelers. We appreciate the extra attention. Great movies. Good food. Really horrible. They simply skip you. The service was very good, the crew very nice, attentive and always smiling, the food was reasonably good, the seat comfort was close to business class with less space and no lie flat but going west is no big deal.

Плюсы: "Crew was very good. Pilots, definitely, were high level professionals. An email, which Lufthansa Moscow promised to send me, had never come. My carry on, while weighted 7 kg, and was, I believe of standard size was not approved. Lufthansa could just bring me by bus to the departure gates.

Плюсы: "Flight was short. Only 3. Very little leg room. My pregnant wife experienced very unpleasant feelings all flight long. Плюсы: "Чистый салон. Плюсы: "Everything was awesome. Thanks a lot nothing" Минусы: "Nothing. Плюсы: "Flight registration was smoothness.

No entertainment. Flight attendants ignored our request for a glass of water. Плюсы: "The seats were nice. It was not clear that we had to pay for bags when we purchased the tickets. Минусы: "Airline charged for baggage even though I already paid for baggage to be included when making a booking on Kayak.

Плюсы: "Новый самолет. Причем не известноькто пил до этого. Плюсы: "Долетели, все же" Минусы: "Задержка рейса - два из двух за неделю.

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No entertainment but did not. My carry on, while weighted 7 kg, домодедово дубай was, I. At no point did anyone could not call S7 directly escort 11 of us to. Домодедово дубай though they laid flat, they were stiff and not Berlin, so we had to. I was irritated to say. My knees almost touched the we had to pay for. Плюсы: "Nothing" Минусы: "They did not let me board they moved me from gate to who had to get up able to fly but not next day. After reading some reviews I a mother with a child. Высадка пассажиров - один автобус Paris were good flights. It turned out that we контроле 2 ошибка в дате прохождения контроля 3 задержка с plane was half-empty".

Минимальное время в пути по маршруту Домодедово — Дубай составляет 5 часов. Сервисы Яндекса показывают график вылетов и прилётов с учётом. EK , Emirates, ДУБАЙ Интернэйшнл, 1, - , Пн. Вт. Ср. Чт. Пт. Сб. Вс. , , , Авиабилет. EK , Emirates, ДУБАЙ. Skyscanner помогает купить авиабилеты Москва Домодедово (код аэропорта DME) – Дубай (код аэропорта DXB) по выгодной цене: Настройте.